Satsuma High School

Satsuma, AL
Site Updated on May 4 2016
Band Fees
July 2015 $75.00 Payment Due for 2015-2016 season **These fees help maintain instruments, provide sheet music, provide transportation to games, keep uniforms in good shape, etc.  There are various fundraising opportunities available throughout the semester to compensate for these fees.
Making a Payment Making a payment is simple.  If you are making a payment toward band fees, simply put the check or cash inside a sealed envelope (supplied on the band director’s office door). Write on the envelope the following information: Students Name (Dan Smith) What the payment is for (band fees, reeds, DCI trip, etc.) Amount enclosed ($75.00) Date deposited (July 5th 2013) If you are paying with a check, make sure there is a phone number listed on the check.  Also, checks are to be made out to “Satsuma Schools”.   Deposit the Payment into the mailbox on the band director’s door.  It is a LOCKED box where your payment will be safe until processed. Receipts will be given to the student shortly after.
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